Call Tracking


Gain better insights, capture more leads and improve the customer experience.

The phone is still an important tool for your business. Call Tracking can optimize how it’s used to create better outcomes for your store and your customers. The Dealer Digital Solution (DDS) program has streamlined the Call Tracking experience to allow you to track and manage your sales call data in a single sign-on platform. Put the power of AI listening and analytical insights to work — all through the analytics dashboard within GlobalConnect.

Approved Call Tracking Partners

CallRevu, a Call Tracking provider offering plus-up services, actively listens to your customer calls for your Dealership. With CallRevu, you receive alerts within minutes for mishandled sales opportunities, potential CSI issues and even phone routing problems. Powered by AI and validated by automotive experts, CallRevu offers the most consistently accurate and timely call records in the industry, with a full suite of complementary tools that results in deeper insights and actionable data. With CallRevu, you can benefit from the following:

  • Instant Deal-Saving Alerts: Delivered within 30 minutes, featuring call summaries reviewed by automotive experts, as well as over 30 AI-powered data points.
  • Employee Report Cards: Featuring industry benchmarks for key KPIs and integrated training tracks proven to help employees improve their performance.
  • Phone Health Alerts: Industry-exclusive alerts that monitor your dealership’s connectivity performance, ensuring you connect with every opportunity.

With Marchex, you benefit from award-winning Conversation Intelligence that turns insights into actions that win more business.

Marchex Engage
Complements our new Spotlight platform to unlock the content to your conversations. Increase your sales efficiency and take the right actions to make the most of every conversation.

  • Improve Failed Call Rate
    Dedicated performance managers work with you to provide best practices to help improve failed calls.
  • CRM Integration
    Ensure all sales leads are inputted into your CRM for accountability and follow-up.
  • Missed Action Alerts
    Be alerted when a sales consultant misses a chance to turn a lead into an opportunity.
  • Focus On Calls That Matter
    Only billed for sales prospect calls.

It’s easy to add Sales Edge Engage to the Call Tracking program provided by GM. Enroll now to start driving sales efficiency, taking the right action so your team makes the most of every phone call, and increasing sales.

Click the “Learn More” button to get started with Sales Edge Engage, as well as to add extra lines and custom recordings to the GM Call Tracking program.